Prime Tune Tips - Chains

Prime Tune Tips offer advice on how to maintain your own bike and save a bit of money.

This week, our bike mechanic Thom talks about chain stretch.

Bike chains stretch out over time, creating stress on other components. The rate at which chains stretch out varies from rider to rider - the more you ride, the more stress on that chain. Kind of like an oil change, we recommend checking for chain stretch every six months or so. 

Measuring chain stretch is quick and easy - we've got a nifty tool in shop that helps us measure the distance between pins, even if it's only a millimetre off. Check out the video for a look at how we do that. 

The bottom line is, replacing your chain once or twice a year can really extend the life of your drivetrain.

A stretched out chain will chew up your other gears over time, to the point where those components will eventually need to be replaced.  

If you're rocking an older chain, swing into the shop and we'll have a look - a new chain could be an easy fix, saving you big money down the road.