Single Track in the City

It's May long weekend in Calgary, which usually means we're itching for summer under a fresh blanket of wet snow. This year though, the sun is up and people are out! We're stoked - so stoked we closed the shop for the weekend :)

Since we're not around to offer any tips in shop this weekend, we thought we'd share a few of our favourite spots for single track riding right here right in the city. For those keen to venture out, West Bragg remains one of our top picks. 

This also seems like a good time to mention that we're gearing up for the revival of our 'Case of the Mondays' series - weekly rides led by Prime and a few members of the community. Stay tuned for more info, or contact us if you'd like to get involved.

This list is as much yours as it is ours - if it's missing one of your fave spots, let us know!

West Bragg Creek

If you're up for a drive, it's worth making the trip to West Bragg Creek. The Greater Bragg Creek Trail Association is a totally volunteer group of Bragg Creek residents that are working hard to design, build and maintain trails. They've done a brilliant job and the variety of trails means there's a little something for everyone. We like it so much we sell trail maps in the shop. 

If you do decide to head out to Bragg, remember that it might be a bit wet this time of year. Never a bad idea to brush up on your trail etiquette before you go.


Bowmont Park

It's amazing how much single track we've got right here in the city, and Bowmont Park is one of our faves. Just off the north side of the Bow River pathway, you'll catch riders bombing up and down the bluff. It's a ton of fun and just a stone's throw from the shop. Don't forget your helmet.


Fish Creek Park

When it comes to inner city trail riding, Fish Creek is a classic. The best singletrack is typically found on the south edge of the park, and in the west end in particular. Trails are narrow, twisting and rooty. Climbs are typically short and steep. It's possible to create extended loops through the Park, linked with gravel and paved paths.

Singletrack trail building and maintenance is done by the Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance and managed by Alberta Parks.

Wherever you end up this weekend, stay safe! We'll be back at the shop on Tuesday - until then we wish you a happy and healthy May long.




Alyssa Kelle