A Prime Spot for Knowledge Sharing

Last week, we held an off the cuff bike clinic for a group of ladies and it was awesome. Our mechanic Thom put the clinic together after a chat with a customer - she and a few friends were keen to pick up some bike basics. Thom saw their interest as a prime opportunity for knowledge sharing and invited them back for a workshop.

A couple of days later, the six of them brought their own bikes into the shop for a rundown on maintenance, safety and tools. “We’ve all been in before and have been super happy with the service,” says Margie, the one who suggested the clinic in the first place. “It was cool to have our own bikes there for a personal, hands on experience.”

For Thom, doing good business means giving customers the tools to stay out of the shop.“We want to empower people, to teach them some basic skills so they feel confident on the road. Margie was stoked on the idea and I was like - totally, let’s do it.”

Margie describes the experience as being fun and relaxed - which is great because at Prime, we try to create an environment where people feel safe asking questions. What really motivates the work we do is our focus on knowledge sharing and community building. We’re stoked to offer workshops when and where they’re needed most.

As we settle into spring, bikes are rolling through the door all day long. The time to tune is now. Swing by the shop for a fresh-up or let us know if you’re interested in organizing a bike clinic. We love collaborating - if you’ve got a question or an idea, send us a note.

And in the meantime, get outside!